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August 28, 2018

The Truth Dawns

      Hi readers! Welcome to my first ever blog (practically first use of the internet). My name is Dave Warmerdam and I’m hoping to share some of my life and wisdom with you through this medium. As it evolves over time I may begin posting at regular intervals with different topics and perhaps a weekly Q&A.  As always, I welcome all respectful discussion and questions you may have about the things I write or about anything. Below you’ll find a brief summary of what I plan to accomplish with this site and a little about me.

This website is for all people yearning to know the purpose of life: Why we are here, who we are, where we came from, where we go at death, what a successful life looks like, and what kind of life we will live after death.

This is a Christian website, meaning that it parallels the message of the Bible while not being based on any particular Christian religion. It is for people of any faith, for believers and non-believers alike, and even for atheists. It will tell you the truth and help make sense of life. The only requirement of the reader is that he or she wants to know what life on earth is all about, yearns to have true success, wants to live with confidence, seeks peace, and desires direction and inspiration to live well.

Since this site aligns itself with and supports the Bible, I will cite scripture to lend support and clarity to my message when necessary. I will also have a goal of explaining some things that the Bible states that may seem contradictory or be difficult to understand. I will attempt to give clear answers to readers’ questions about the Bible, life, or about even seemingly offbeat topics such as do aliens exist, did evolution create humans, or are we living in a matrix-like world which is not real, but was actually created by some unknown intelligence with hidden purposes. Yes, I will try to answer all your questions, if possible.

On this site, all questions about life are fair game and inherently legitimate. If you wonder about something, then it needs to be understood and put to rest so that you can avoid getting stuck in a rut.

At this point I have no idea just how this website will evolve over time. The one thing I do know, however, is that the sky is the limit. This website is for you the reading public, and, really, whatever your needs are concerning life issues, I will try to help you with. Thank you in advance for taking the time and interest to read what I post.

Who am I?

My name is David C. Warmerdam and I am 70 years old at the present. I was raised in Fresno, CA as one of 5 children–4 boys and one girl. I’ve gone by “Dave” virtually my entire life and have earned a BA and MA in Geography at Fresno State University, as well as 3 teaching credentials.

My first major job was working for the Central Intelligence Agency in Washington D.C. Later, I became a teacher of a 5th grade elementary school class for three years, and then finally taught mathematics at a private high school in Fresno, where I retired in 2012 after teaching for 32 years. During that time I also spent many years coaching the sport of high school cross country.

I married in 1978, and my wife and I produced and raised 9 children, 5 boys and 4 girls, who now range from 20 to 38 years in age. We unfortunately divorced in 2017. My family is and always has been the joy of my life.

When I was working for the CIA in Washington D.C., I received a calling from God to learn the truth of life from him through time, and then later teach it to a world which would largely no longer realize why we are here.

That time is upon us now, hence I am starting this website. I pray to God that all people who visit this site receive a holy benefit directly from God, and have their lives lit up and changed by the Truth.

— Sincerely, Dave Warmerdam