Why are we here?

IMG_0749Yosemite Falls, Yosemite National Park

                                                                                         September 2nd, 2018

Since the beginning of time, human beings have wrestled with, wondered about, and speculated about the central question concerning human life on earth: Why are we here?

Every human being who has taken the time to examine life has encountered this question which can’t be ignored. It gets into his mind, penetrates his psyche, and ultimately lodges deeply in his heart. The heart can’t rest until it gets some kind of answer. Just any answer won’t do, it has to be an answer that a person truly believes, that resonates as real. Therefore it takes time and effort to come to even a temporary answer that can satisfy for the moment, but which begs for more probing, more investigating, and more life experiences.

And there is a kind of pressure one feels not to wait too long, not to wait until too much time passes by, because we know that the clock of life is ticking relentlessly down to its end. That end of life comes to all of us–will it even come unexpectedly, suddenly, and tragically tonight? We don’t know.

This is what all people on earth are eventually faced with as they go through life, and answers to the question, “Why are we here?”, can become a desperate need. You may be there right now.

This website’s primary purpose is to answer this very question, and to provide you with the tools and understanding to help you become victorious and successful in life. There are no easy cliches or plans or fixes or answers that will do the job quickly or completely–it usually takes time and effort on your part, hence the name of this website is “Journey” to Truth.

The first question that needs answering is: Are we alone? Did our existence get started simply by chance through the evolution of some rudimentary life form which rose up on its own from a favorable mix of chemicals, water, warmth, and perhaps a random lightning strike sometime in the distant past hundreds of millions of years ago? And then this life form improving little by little through probably billions of random mutations in its very simple genetic code, eventually producing every single different form of life on earth, including modern man? This has become the common belief of a majority of Americans today, even Christians, and is taught in our public schools as fact.

If evolution was responsible for the creation of mankind, as I have just briefly described, then in some people’s minds there would simply be no reason believe in God. Mankind was produced naturally by the earth and is actually on its own, and the idea of God as the creator, as Christianity and most other religions on earth attest to, is simply MADE UP to meet some kind of human need. And any and all pronouncements and commandments this God is said to have given are actually put forward by deluded human beings. Why should we obey these people from the past who may be no smarter and probably much less knowledgeable than we are? These kinds of thoughts have led many in this country to abandon their faith in God that was taught to them in their youth. This has led to the precipitous rise in the numbers of people who label themselves as atheists, and also to the rise of the cousins of these atheists–the “non-religious, non-believer” category of people.

But, far from liberating these people from the shackles of religious tyranny, the burden of oppressive rules and beliefs, and giving them freedom to fashion their own lives and behaviors, many find themselves subjected to a life without meaning, without lasting purpose, without peace, without true happiness and joy, and eventually ending in a life of declining health in old age with no hope for the future. As a result, suicide in America has risen to become one of the major killers in almost all age categories. In the end, life’s purpose and success, and the arms of the God they deny open in a beckoning embrace of love, become forever lost as dark despair tightens its grip and chokes out the life that could have been. Only you can prevent this hopelessness from overtaking you.

Next time:  Is the evidence pointing to evolution as creator as good as or better than that which supports God as creator?










Author: journeytotruthtoday

Hello, I am a retired high school math teacher who is 70 years old, and I started this website to help people know why we are here on earth and how to live successful lives. For more info, go to: journeytotruth.today

2 thoughts on “Why are we here?”

  1. Enjoying the pictures and the website. Trusting our Father to bless it according to His honor and glory.
    Praise to Him for the insight and knowledge He has blessed you with.


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